iPhone 4S

An Apple Store customer looks at the new Apple iPhone 4Gs on October 14, 2011 in San Francisco.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's not hyperbole to say that the latest iPhone is the best smartphone currently on the market. The latest model builds on the strengths of previous iPhones and adds several new, exciting features to Apple's iOS.

First, there's the much-talked about (and talked-to) Siri, an app that performs Web searches, writes text messages, creates calendar items and can execute many other tasks through voice commands. Siri has been praised in tech blogs and publications for its (her?) ease of use and understanding of human speech; it works best when you speak to it in using normal, conversational words.

The 4S also packs what is arguably the best phone camera on the market, one that puts point-and-shoot and handheld video cameras to shame. It shoots 1080p, 30-frame-per-second HD video and incredibly high-quality still photos. The camera function can now be accessed from the lock screen so it's easier than ever to use [source: Gizmodo].

What else? Well, there's iCloud, which syncs your phone's music and app purchases with other computers wirelessly, making hooking the iPhone up to your Mac or PC a thing of the past. No tech-savvy guy can go wrong with the iPhone 4S as a gift.

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