Ways to Keep Your Kids from Driving You Crazy on a Road Trip
african-american family in car on a road trip

A little prep work and a few toys go a long way toward keeping your kids entertained and happy on a road trip.


Are we there yet?! It's a question every adult who steps into a car with a child should be prepared to hear ad nauseam. Luckily, a little prep work ahead of time will pay big dividends by helping to keep the kids occupied, happy and (relatively) quiet in the back seat.

This isn't just about saving your sanity, however. Distracted drivers are unsafe drivers; the more time you're spending solving fights, bargaining with your kids to wait a little longer for lunch or looking in the rearview mirror, the less time you're devoting to monitoring traffic. In fact, studies show nearly 25 percent of crashes occur when drivers are dealing with kids in the back seat [source: Car Junky].

So before climbing in for a long haul, take a look at these tips to keep everyone in the family happy during your drive.