Introduction to 5 Reasons to Friend Your Boss on Facebook
Business associates with a computer

Is it a good idea to add your boss to your Facebook friends list?


Mark Zuckerberg wrote in the Facebook blog in July 2010 that the site had reached 500 million users. The social networking phenomenon has become an important communications tool for both pleasure and productivity. But should you befriend your boss on Facebook?

It's a delicate question. The answer will depend on factors like your workplace's culture, your boss's attitude and the sort of content you've included in your Facebook profile. Before you accept that friend request, you may have to remove digital dirt from your profile. That includes everything from potentially embarrassing or unprofessional pictures to associations with groups that might reflect poorly on you.

While adding your boss to your Facebook friends list requires careful consideration, there are a few good reasons to give it a try. Just keep in mind that if you decide to do it, you'll need to pay careful attention to your Facebook activity -- and your boss's activity as well.