Photo of 1965 Lincoln Continental.

The rear end of the 1965 Continental lost the simulated grille panel between the taillights.

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1964-1965 Lincoln Continental Specifications

The 1964-1965 Lincoln Continental continued to attract faithful buyers, especially those put off by Cadillac's constant revisions.


Engine: ohv V-8, 430 cid (4.30 x 3.70), 320 bhp

Transmission: 3-speed automatic

Suspension front: upper and lower A-arms, coil springs

Suspension rear: live axle, coil springs

Brakes: 1964: front/rear drums; 1965: front disc/rear drums

Wheelbase (in.): 126.0

Weight (lbs.): 5,055-5,475

Top speed (mph): 110

0-60 mph (sec): 10.0

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